Dikeman Females for Sale at the Gathering at Shoal Creek Sale

Below are the three females we have entered in the Gathering at Shoal Creek Sale on April 1, 2017.

Miss Betsy 32B ASA# 2887345 AI bred on 11/15/2016 to Hook’s Yellowstone 97Y

Miss Betsy is a very moderate framed, very thick, structurally correct young cow. Her dam is our easiest fleshing cow. Her projected calving date is 08/24/2017. Her calf is projected to be in the top 2% for marbling and top 5% for Terminal Index. Miss Betsy has a great disposition and is very likely homozygous for both black and polled. She will stay in the herd for a long time.

Miss Delilah 15D ASA# 3124450 born 1/06/2016 Open

Miss Delilah is a fancy, thick, moderate framed, structurally correct heifer that would make a great Jr. show heifer as well as a great cow. She is an embryo transfer heifer out of a very, very nice donor cow with a great udder. Her calving ease EPD is in the top 10% and her stayability EPD in the top 5%. She is a “Superstar” for carcass and meat traits!! She is in the top 1% for Marbling and API, top 5% for REA and TI, and top 2% for Shear Force! She is homozygous for polled and heterozygous for black. She has a sweet disposition.

Miss Cocoa 55C ASA# 3043306 AI bred to ASR Augustus 2653966 on 11/15/2016

Miss Cocoa is a moderate framed, structurally correct, nice fronted, feminine heifer that is projected to calve on 08/24/2017. She has a nice EPD profile and her calf will have an even better profile with a high All Purpose Index. She is homozygous for both black and polled. He dam is very long bodied and has a very good udder. Miss Cocoa has a long future ahead of her.